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Types of Ultrasounds in Gurgaon - Innovation for Early Detection

Foetal Profile on 4-D

Foetal Face at 31 Weeks

Before & After Birth

2D Greyscale V/s 4D Colour

Renal Vasclulature
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3D Ovarian Imaging

Foetal Spine 20 Weeks

Common Carotid Artery


Soft Tissue USG - Thyroid

Ultrasound in the Gurgaon has come a long way since it was invented in the late 70s and early 80s. The initial machines gave greyscale images and were mostly used in pregnancy and abdominal areas. The machines today are so versatile that they are used as an imaging modality in virtually every body part and the addition of Colour Doppler imaging to the ultrasound systems have made them the diagnostic tool of choice for most of the clinicians in Gurgaon. Add to this there are no side effects in ultrasound imaging and it is very cost effective.Dr. Anmol's Ultrasound clinic is a private Ultrasound clinic for patients located in Gurgaon, India. The independent centre is run by Dr Anmol Sethi, a Consultant in Radiology, specializing in Ultrasound for Obstetrics, Gynaecology & all other types of ultrasounds.The centre is considered to be the best ultrasound centre in Gurgaon. 


Ultrasound Lower Abdomen


Ultrasound is the investigation of choice for most of the diseases of the abdomen as it involves scanning soft tissues and gives no radiation to the patient. For diagnosing the diseases of the pelvic region, this study is done which gives vital information about the organs like ovaries, uterus & urinary bladder in the females. To do the study the patient should have urine pressure which means that the patient should drink lots of water and collect urine in the bladder before the study can be done. Alternatively if the urine pressure is not there then Transvaginal Ultrasound  (TVS) can be done.


Ultrasound Abdomen

The first line of investigation for any disease in the abdominal region is Ultrasound. It gives vital information about Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Gall Bladder, Intestinal region, stomach etc. The ultrasound uses sound waves to image the physiology of the soft tissues involved and a full bladder is needed in this study also. The patient should also be in fasting for a better study of the Gall Bladder.


Ultrasound KUB


This study is done primarily to see the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder. The patients suffering from acute abdominal pain undergo this study to rule out any pathology in the KUB region. It is the best choice for diagnosing kidney, ureteric or urinary bladder calculi ( stones)


Ultrasound Pregnancy ( 2D & 4D)


Ultrasound is the only modality for the pregnant women to find out the growth and health of the fetus. Ultrasound is normally advised once in each of the 3 trimesters ( 3 months period). Modern ultrasound machines give 4-D images of the fetus which are extremely helpful in diagnosing congenital abnormalities in the foetus. Most of the organs of the fetus are developed by the 5th month during which period the Level II ultrasound ( detailed study of the fetus) is advised by the gynaecologist. The modern 4-D ultrasound machines can do the Echocardiography ( study of heart) of the fetus also which is not possible on non 4-D machines.Dr Anmol's ultrasound clinic in Gurgaon provides these services using high end technology like GE Voluson E8 machine which is available in very few diagnostic centres in Gurgaon.


Colour Doppler

Apart from the organs in the body, the Colour Doppler feature in the ultrasound machine is used to study the arteries and veins. It gives graphic details of the blood vessels and helps in diagnosing any abnormalities in the vascular structure or any pathology. It is used in pregnancy to see the umbilical cord, for studying the carotid artery, arterial and venous examinations of the limbs, echocardiography of the heart and Renal Doppler Study.The colour doppler scan is performed with the use of latest Colour doppler scanner at Dr Anmol's Ultrasound clinic in Gurgaon.


2-D Echocardiography


Ultrasound offers the cheapest diagnostic tool for the study of the heart. Since the heart has blood vessels and valves, the ultrasound machine measures the flow of the blood in the various areas of the heart and detects any abnormalities in either the flow of blood or the functioning of the various chambers and valves. This investigation coupled with Treadmill Test offers the first line of investigation for heart disease.


Follicular Monitoring


Patients of infertility or delayed fertility benefit hugely by getting this study done. In this study the growth of the follicle is monitored through ultrasound investigation on a regular basis starting from the 9th-10th day of the start of Menstruation cycle as advised by the gynaecologist till the time the follicle ruptures. The chances of fertility are high if intercourse is done within 48 hours of the rupture of the follicle.


4-D Ultrasound


All the organs in the human body are 3 Dimensional and therefore a 2 Dimensional study of the organs doesn’t always gives the true picture. 4-D Ultrasound captures the volume data and reconstructs the organs in 3-Dimensional frames. This gives a far clear picture of the anatomy and any disease inflicting the organs. 4-D is the term used for live 3-D so any organ which is moving continuously like the heart  and the blood flow is best investigated by capturing the volume data in 3 dimension. The study of live 3-D is called 4-D. 4D Ultrasound at Dr. Anmol's ultrasound clinic in Gurgaon are done by using the latest GE Voluson E8 ultrasound machine and colour doppler scanner.The quality of machine improves the diagnostic accuracy of the ultrasound examination.


Level-II Ultrasound

A Level-II ultrasound refers to a special type of scan to assess the fetus for structural abnormalities.It is usually carried out between 18-22 weeks of pregnancy in order to detect congenital abnormalities that may compromise the quality of life,and gives parents an option for treatment or termination of the pregnancy.All the ultrasound services at Dr Anmol's ultrasound clinic in Gurgaon are provided to you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve when you are getting your scans and tests done.


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